Are you a graduate of JCHS?

JC and Geary County Firefighters, EMS and Emergency Management Personnel;

First, I would like to personally thank you for your service to Junction City and Geary County.  You protect and save people and property on a daily basis. The service you provide to all of us is appreciated much more than words can express.

As many of you know, I am a Junction City native and have served my entire educational career in Geary County Schools.  For the past 25 years I have worked to support and expand opportunities for students in our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at JCHS.

I am working on a marketing project to highlight Junction City High School graduates that have chosen to stay in JC and be part of the community.  I would like to feature those graduates by occupation, in a poster that we can use to promote our CTE programming as well as to recognize those graduates that continue to call JC home.  I believe this will be good for students to see, but I also feel that it will be a positive reflection for our community.

I have chosen Fire and EMS services to be the first promotional poster because you are truly considered to be heroes by students and community members.

If you are a Junction City High School graduate, we are inviting you to be part of the picture that we will use to create the marketing poster.  This is strictly a volunteer activity, but I highly encourage you to be part of this project and show your pride of your school, community and calling to your career.

The plan will be to eventually gather graduates in other occupations for similar posters.  Once again, Fire and EMS will be first in service.

We will take the picture at JCFD on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 2:30 PM.  Please wear your uniform, bunker gear, or whatever you feel helps to advertise to students and community what you do. 

If you can’t make the picture shoot but would like to be recognized, please let me know.  We will list names and graduation years below the photo, so even if you can’t be in the picture we would like to recognize your service to the community.

If you have any questions, please call or email me at your convenience.

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Mike Gross, JCHS Career and Technical Education Coordinator                                                                                  785.717.4227 Office/785.210.5079 Cell