Divisions of Public Works

  • Building Maintenance
  • Noxious Weed 
  • Road and Bridge 
  • Rural Water District Number 2 
  • Sewer District Number 4
  • Solid Waste Transfer Station
  • Traffic Control/Sign Shop 
  • Road & Bridge Division

The Road and Bridge Division maintains 125 total miles of asphalt roadway, 255 total miles of rock roadway, 5 total miles of dirt roadway and 85 twenty foot and longer bridges. They provide in-house bridge, ditch and culvert maintenance and installation; snow removal and roadside mowing. Maintenance of 10 motor graders, 9 sand spreader/plow trucks and 6 mowers is also done in-house.

Rural Water & Sewer Districts

Rural Water Number 2 and Rural Sewer Number 4 serves 26 homes in the Laurel Canyon Housing Area located on the west side of Milford Lake. Geary County maintains a 98-foot water tower and a Smith and Loveless Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Traffic Control / Sign Shop

The Traffic Control/Sign Shop fabricates, installs and maintains all County roadside markers, street signs, and traffic control signs.

Building Maintenance Division

The Building Maintenance Division provides routine maintenance on all county office buildings, which includes the:

  • 4-H Senior Center
  • Ag Extension Office
  • County Office Building
  • District Court Office
  • Geary County Courthouse
  • Health Department
  • Pennell Building

Building Maintenance also oversees the lawn care, snow removal, janitorial and pest control contracts for all county buildings. They also oversee Freedom Park and the Fairview Cemetery.

Solid Waste Transfer Station

The county-owned Solid Waste Transfer Station provides municipal solid waste removal for the citizens of Geary County. The county provides a scale house attendant and billing staff. NR. Hamm Quarry, Inc. has a 5-year total operations contract and transports a daily average waste of 105 tons to the NR. Hamm Quarry Inc. at Perry, KS.