Tax Bill Information


  • Please be certain this tax statement covers your property. Geary County is not responsible if taxes are paid on the wrong property. 
  • Full year tax is owed on all Personal Property owned as of January 1, 2003. Kansas law makes no provision for pro-ration (except trucks over 16,000 pounds).
  • First half taxes are due on or before December 20. If first half taxes are not paid by this date, the full amount, including interest becomes due. Second half taxes are due on or before May 10. If taxes are not paid by the due dates, interest of 8% per annum will be added as provided by law.
  • Make checks payable to the Geary County Treasurer. Please write a property or bill number on the check. Include the appropriate stub from your tax statement showing 1st half, 2nd half or full payment. You will receive a receipt by mail.
  • You can pay your taxes online by visiting the Kansas County Treasurers Association Website.