Licensing Your Vehicle in Geary County


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Whether you've just moved to Geary County, or you're a long time resident with a new car or truck, congratulations! One of your first tasks is to get a new Kansas license plate or to transfer a plate from your old to your new vehicle so that you can drive legally. 

To do that, you need to register your vehicle with the state for a fee and pay your property taxes at the Geary County Treasurer's Motor Vehicle Department. To help you through this sometimes complex task, the Motor Vehicle Department has outlined the steps you need to follow.

Please read over the Buying and Selling Vehicles page of this website so you can ensure you have all documents needed before titling and registering your vehicle.

  1. When to License
  2. What to Bring
  3. Payment
  4. Plates & Permits

You need to go in person to the Motor Vehicle Department to get your license plate, or to transfer a plate. If you intend to register the vehicle jointly (listing it as Jane and John Doe or Jane Doe John Doe), then all owners need to be present, or the individual who will be coming into the office with the paperwork will need to bring a power of attorney appointed to them from the other owners. This applies to the names as they appear on the ownership documents. Alterations may void those documents.

Any vehicle that is garaged in Geary County may owe property tax, even if the vehicle belongs to a company that has headquarters out-of-state.

New Residents to Kansas

If you are a new Kansas resident and are planning on registering your Out-of-State vehicle in the state of Kansas: 

  • Registration is required within 90 days of the date of establishing a Kansas residency.
  • Some examples that may make you a Kansas resident for purposes of registration are:
    • Own, lease or rent a place of domicile for more than 90 days
    • Have a place of residence and accept employment.

Established Residents

You should license any vehicle within 60 days of purchase, which is the assigned date on the certificate of origin/title, to avoid possible penalties. While waiting to get your vehicle titled and registered, you must display on your vehicle the 60-day permit that you have obtained from a Kansas motor vehicle dealer or from a Motor Vehicle Department office.

After Registering Your Vehicle

After you license your vehicle you will receive a 30 day permit. This must be displayed on the back of your vehicle. A notification via text or email will be available to you that will notify you when to expect your metal plates in the mail.

 Please remember, you are responsible for the annual renewals prior to expiration. If you do not receive the courtesy renewal notice from the state by the 5th of your expiration month, contact the Geary County Motor Vehicle Office for assistance. The renewal month is determined by the first letter of an individual’s last name or the first letter of a company’s name.

Click here to view the Renewal Date Schedule.