Military Personnel


The Treasurer’s office will be using the following COVID-19 Protocol.

Please call our office with questions as this does not cover all situations when registering your vehicle, the office number is 785-238-8109.

  1. Guidelines
  2. Items Needed for Registration
  3. Renewing Registration
  4. Registration Fees
  • Military personnel has the option of registering in the county they reside in or in their home state of record.
  • The military exemption only applies to personal property taxes and not sales tax on vehicles.
  • Vehicles coming into Kansas must have been registered in the previous location for at least 6 months or it will be subject to sales tax, if not paid in the previous location.
  • For the exemption to apply, the person in the military or spouse must be on the title as an owner.
  • Leased vehicles are not eligible for property tax exemption.