Registration Renewals and Replacements


Before booking an appointment look over the website to make sure you have everything you need or call our office at 785-238-6021!

Geary County residents should receive a renewal reminder in the mail prior to their renewal month that contains the information and instructions needed to renew vehicle tags.


If you have any questions regarding the following information please call our office at the number located to the right.

You are required to come into the office, mail in, or drop off your paperwork for renewing your vehicle(s). We will need the following:

- LES, ERB, or ORB for the most current full month.

- Military ID

- Insurance

- Prior Registration/Plate Numbers, optional.

- If mailing or dropping off, copies of everything is acceptable. Also, we will need your form of payment as check or money order only. No cash.

Last Name Starts WithTag Expires On
AFebruary 28 (or 29)
BMarch 31
C through DApril 30
E through GMay 31
H & IJune 30
J through LJuly 31
M through OAugust 31
P through RSeptember 30
SOctober 31
T, V, WNovember 30
U, X, Y, ZDecember 31

How do I renew my tags?

Geary County residents may renew one of the following ways:

   1. Online - use the iKan Service Website to renew online. (Convenience fee and portal processing fee apply) 


  • NEW! Drivers renewing online now have a 10-day grace period from the day their tags expire to the day they receive the new decal in the mail. Print your receipt and keep it in your car, or save it on your mobile device for proof to law enforcement that you have received your registration and are waiting for the decal to arrive.
  • If you have not received your renewal notice in the mail and do not know the PIN # for your vehicle(s), then you can click here on Print Your Vehicle Renewal.
  • If you have vehicle is not eligible to be renewed online, there may be an underlying issue. These renewals will need to be done either by mail, drop box, or in the office.

   2. Mail Your Renewal - Mail your renewal form, proof of insurance, and a check,           cashier’s check, or money order made out to the Geary County Treasurer and           mail to 200 E 8th Street Junction City, KS 66441.

   3. If you lost your renewal notice or you did not receive one then please make a           copy of the current registration and use that in lieu of the renewal notice.

  • If you need your registration mailed to a specific address please make sure to include that information with the mailed in paperwork.

   4. Visit the Geary County Treasurer’s office in person or utilize the drop box                 located on the entry way on the South side of the building (the side with the               flagpole).

Delinquent Personal Property Taxes

If you or your business owes any delinquent personal property taxes you will not be able to register or renew your tags until the taxes are paid in full. The taxes may be paid at the Geary County Treasurer’s Office at  200 E 8th Street Junction City, KS 66441.

What will I need to renew my registration?

If the vehicle is currently garaged in Geary County, you’ll need:

How can I renew if I didn’t receive a notice in the mail?

You can reprint or download your renewal noticeYou can also call our office at 785-238-8109 with your plate number and we can tell you the total or if you provide a good mailing address, mail you a renewal notice.

You can call our office to verify if your registration renewal has been processed. Allow a minimum of five business days to receive your receipt and decal.

How do I renew my 2015-2020 personalized for the 2020-2025 personalized plate?

According to Kansas law, all personalized plates reissue every five (5) years with a new plate design. The new 2020 personalized plate design can be viewed at

If you wish to reorder your current personalized plate combination, you will need to visit the Treasurer’s office during your renewal month. Your plate reorder and registration renewal is not available online.

To ensure delivery of your new personalized plate you must:

  • Place the order at your local county office.
  • Update any address changes you might have.
  • Provide your current vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

Cost for the plate order is $45.50. Additional registration fees, property taxes and/or other service fees also apply when the plate is assigned to a registration.

After the order of your new plate, you must remove the 2015-2020 personalized plate and place the new 30-day temporary plate on your vehicle. You will receive your new personalized plate in the mail. You may keep your old 2015-2020 personalized plate; however, it will no longer be valid and cannot be displayed on your vehicle. Please be sure to replace it with the temporary plate provided by the County after renewing your registration.

How do I renew my handicapped placard?

You may self certify permanent disability at no fee with the Self Certification of Continued Eligibility for Disabled Parking Privilege form (TR-159a).

If you are inquiring about your first handicapped placard you must have a Certification of Disability for Disabled Parking Placard/Plate/Decal form (TR-159) signed and printed by a licensed professional.

There is no fee for the actual hanging placards, but you may purchase a placard cover for $5.00.

Tag Replacements

If you have a stolen tag or decal you will need to report the stolen tag/decal with the police and obtain a case number. If the theft occurred in Geary County, call 785-238-2261 and make the report through the Geary County Sheriff’s Office. If the theft occurred in Junction City, make the report through the Junction City Police Department by calling 785-762-5912. If your tag was stolen in any other city, make the report through that city’s respective police department by calling them directly.

Bring in the case number, tag number, and proof of insurance to any of the tag office location and we will replace the tag. Fees will apply.