Victim Witness Program

The Victim-Witness program of the Geary County Attorney’s Office is designed to answer questions and provide assistance to victims and witnesses when dealing with the justice system. It is the right of a victim to be notified when charges are filed in adult and juvenile cases and to be notified of all public court hearings.

Victim Impact Statement

In addition, when charges are filed by this office a victim should receive a Victim Impact Statement. It is important when a victim receives one that they fill it out and return it promptly to our office. The Victim Impact Statement ensures that if a person is seeking court-ordered restitution that the Victim-Witness Coordinator has the information to provide to the court. 

Crime Victims Compensation Fund

The Kansas Attorney General has set up a Crime Victims Compensation Fund which may help a victim of crime pay for medical bills, counseling expenses and in some cases compensation for lost wages when they are not able to afford such help. You may apply for this fund through the victim-witness coordinator.

Change of Employment

If for any reason you move or change employment you would always notify the Geary County Attorney’s Office of your change of address and phone numbers. In the event that we have questions regarding a case in which you may be involved in it is important that we have the necessary information to contact you. If you have any questions regarding your status as a victim or witness please feel free to call Wendy Easley at 785-762-7070.