County Clerk

The County Clerk serves as the official secretary for the Board of the County Commissioners. The Clerk records Commissioner Meeting Minutes. The Clerk has various duties relating to property tax levies and tax roll preparation; all school districts, cities, townships, and other taxing authorities must file their budgets with the Clerk. 

Duties of the County Clerk


  • Attend all sessions of the County Commission to record minutes, compose minutes, and archive from the formation of the County


  • Issue Building Moving Permits
  • Handle all County Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Claims Allowed
  • Administer Oaths of Office
  • Check Treasurer's Daily Statements for accuracy
  • Maintain fixed asset inventory for the County


  • Election Officer
  • Maintain accurate Voter Registration rolls
  • Collect filing fees for local candidates 
  • Verifies signatures on petitions for candidates
  • Recruits, appoints and trains board workers for all elections
  • Responsible for all aspects of election: ballots, polling sites and equipment in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations
  • Maintains records of elections


  • Updates Real Estate Records from deeds and court documents 
  • Maintain Real Estate and Correction Order computerized program as Tax Roll and Add/Escaped Roll


  • Annual Statement of Outstanding Bonds, Temporary Notes, and No-Fund Warrants
  • Issue Hunt and Fish Licenses, Deer Tags/Turkey Tags
  • Issue Cereal Malt Beverage and Class A, B Liquor Licenses through work with Kansas Department of Revenue and ABC
  • Help eligible taxpayers with filing of Homestead and Food Sales Tax claims


  • Tax Unit Boundary Certification - prepare tax unit map for County Appraiser, PVD and State Assessed Public Utilities
  • Motor Vehicle Abstract Certification annually 
  • July and November Abstract Certification to KDOR-PVD
  • Work with all County Taxing Entities to develop their budgets for the Kansas Division of Account and Reports 
  • Create, print, and generate tax statements
  • Set and certify levies annually for all county taxing entities