Fees & Questionnaires

Fee Schedule

Click here for current Recording Fee information.  You can find fees, forms and other applicable links for all of Kansas at the Kansas Register of Deeds Association website. If you have any questions please contact Diane Briestensky-Leonard, Register of Deeds, or Deputy Register of Deeds, Jacquelyn Reisinger.

Please note - Geary County does not provide legal forms for recording documents.

Fee Changes

In July 2014 the Kansas legislature passed a bill that changes KSA 28-115 and KSA 79-3102 for KSA 28-115.

Mortgage Registration Fee

Per K.S.A. 28-115 - As of January 1st, 2019 there will no longer be a Mortgage Registration Fee collected. 

Cap Fee

The following filing Cap Fee will continue to apply during 2019 and 2020: With mortgages where the principal debt or obligation is secured by a mortgage that is $75,000 or less per KSA 28-115 (j). There is a $125 filing fee cap - this applies to the filing fees only.

To qualify the mortgage must be:

  • Principal Residence
  • Single Family Mortgage
  • Where the principal debt or obligation secured by mortgage is $75,000 or less

Geary County is requiring that an affidavit be completed stating these facts and attached to the mortgage for filing.  

Kansas Sales Validation Questionnaires

As of September 2013, The Geary County Register of Deeds Office is now authorized to accept the 1 part Kansas Sales Validation Questionnaire (PDF). When submitting documents for recording please submit the 1 part Sales Validation Questionnaire when applicable; we will accept the new 3 part questionnaire until supplies are depleted. 

View the Kansas Department of Revenue website to see a list of Kansas Counties authorized to accept the 1 part Sales Validation Questionnaires. View the Ratio Study Section page of the Kansas Department of Revenue website to download the 1 part questionnaire.