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The information contained in the ROD GRM (Aumentum) Recorder software database is available on the public access computers in the Register of Deeds Office going back to +/- 1992 for viewing. The Tract Index Books are available for viewing also. 

The ROD office started data entry into a database in January 1992 and started imaging the instruments on June 17, 2002. These records can be viewed in the Geary County Register of Deeds Office during business hours. If you cannot come into the office, you may call in and ask for copies of the tract book index pages needed to be sent to you. A copy and service fee will apply. You should then search the entries listed on the indexes to find the book and page numbers of documents you may need copies of and contact us again with your copy request. 

Important Dates

  • 1800’s to 1991 - past history of instruments
  • January 1992 - data entry into the software database
  • June 17, 2002 - imaging of the instruments began

Imaged Documents

  • Deed 90, page 1 to current
  • Miscellaneous 46, page 1 to current
  • Mortgage 108, page 1 to current

Tract indexes scanned as of July 27, 2004.


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