Employee Resources

Kansas Public Employees Retirement System

Visit the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System website for more information on KPERS and KP&F retirement benefits, as well as information on Basic Group Life Insurance (KPERS members only), and Optional Group Life Insurance.

Medical Coverage

Visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield website for more information. 

Ancillary Benefits (Dental, Vision, Short-term Disability, Cancer, etc.)

Visit the MetLife website for more information.

Broker - Bukaty

Visit Employee Navigator for information on employee benefits, to include the Employee Benefits booklet, and information to change benefits, required documents etc.  Information on contacting our broker, Bukaty, may also be found here.

Geary County Human Resources Policy Manual

View the Policy Manual for a complete list of the Human Resources Policies. 

Updates to the policy manual can be found below:

2022-09-06 Annual/Sick Leave Payout changes

2022-11-16 Change in usage of annual/sick leave

2023 Revised Overtime-Comp Time Policy

30.02 Status - Approved 03-06-2023

50.00 Annual Leave Policy - effective 04/15/2023 amended 3/13/2023 

50.04 Sick Leave Policy  effective 04/15/2023

50.06 Shared Leave Program - Formerly the "Sick Leave Donation" Policy.  Effective 11/27/2021

     Request Shared Leave - form to request approval to received leave under the Shared Leave Program

     Donate Shared Leave - form to donate leave approved under the Shared Leave Program

Acknowledgement of New Leave Policies - and Option to Choose Form   - This is available until 04/07/2023.  Anyone not returning their form by that date will automatically transfer to the new policy.

Payroll Information

View the 2023 Payroll Schedule for specific pay dates for the current year. 

Need to update your Federal Taxes?  Click here

Need to update your State Taxes?  Click here

Want to change where your paycheck goes?  Complete the Direct Deposit Change Form

Geary County Employee Holiday Schedule

View the 2023 approved holidays for approved dates for Geary County recognized/observed holidays.