Where can I get information about traveling out of country?

CDC Yellow Book CDC's Yellow Book (Health Information for International Travel) is published every two years as a resource for health professionals providing care to international travelers. The fully revised and updated CDC Yellow Book 2020 compiles the US government’s most current travel health guidelines, including pretravel vaccine recommendations, destination-specific health advice, and easy-to-reference maps, tables, and charts.

The 2020 Yellow Book includes important travel medicine updates:

  • Recommendations for providing travel health care remotely via telemedicine
  • Discussion of legal issues facing clinicians providing travel health care
  • Cutting-edge rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases
  • Introduction of new FDA-approved antimalarial drugs
  • Road traffic safety advice for travelers
  • Recommendations for treating infectious diseases in the face of increasing antimicrobial resistance

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5. Where can I get information about traveling out of country?
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