8) Are restaurants and bars required to close?

No. Restaurants and bars can remain open, but they would not be able to serve food and non-alcoholic beverages to patrons that would consume food and non-alcoholic beverages within the restaurant or bar. Instead, the restaurant or bar would be able to provide food and non-alcoholic beverages through drive thru, delivery, or carry out options. 

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1. 1) How do I know if my business is deemed Essential?
2. 2) What does “Minimum Essential Operations” mean?
3. 3) Does this order allow hair salons, barbers, bingo halls, and nail salons to continue operations?
4. 4) Does this order require child care facilities to close?
5. 5) Can I still go to any of my medical appointments?
6. 6) Can I still buy groceries?
7. 7) Can I still buy gas for my vehicle?
8. 8) Are restaurants and bars required to close?
9. 9) I’m moving soon. Will my movers still be able to move my things to my new residence?
10. 10) Are banks, credit unions, and payday lending locations allowed to remain open?
11. 11) Can mental health service providers and substance abuse service providers remain open?
12. 12) Can my business have employees work from home?
13. 13) Can gymnasiums and fitness clubs remain open?
14. 14) Can I still go for a walk or jog outdoors?
15. 15) Can golf courses stay open?
16. 16) Can leaders and employees from religious institutions still stream religious services or travel to provide religious counseling?
17. 17) Can food cultivation, livestock, farming, and fishing operations continue?
18. 18) Can homeless shelters, food pantries, and domestic violence victim’s shelters remain open?
19. 19) Can hotels remain open?
20. 20a) Is there a limitation on the number of people that can be in a public gathering?
21. 20b) As long as there is 10 people or less then we’ll all be okay right?
22. 21) Are mortuary, cremation, and burial services allow to continue?
23. 22) Can my attorney’s office stay open?
24. 23) Can my accountant’s office stay open?
25. 24) I am closing on a new house next week, does this order require my realtor and the title company to be closed?
26. 25) Can my insurance agent’s office remain open?
27. 26) Can governing bodies for cities and the County still convene to perform their duties?
28. 27) My water heater broke and flooded my basement. Does this order require plumbers to be closed down?
29. 28) Does this order halt residential or commercial construction?
30. 29) Does this order stop road repairs or ongoing bridge replacements?
31. 30) Can the library be open?
32. 31) Can automobile repair shops remain open?
33. 32) Can bicycle repair shops remain open?
34. 33) Does this order require arcades and video game stores to close?
35. 34) Are pawn shops allowed to remain open?
36. 36) Can tattoo businesses remain open?
37. 35) Can bail bonds business continue to remain open?
38. 37) Are pharmacies required to close?
39. 38) Are massage businesses able to remain open?
40. 39) Does this order require adult entertainment establishments to close?
41. 40) Can movie theaters remain open?
42. 41) Can a home cleaning service continue to operate?
43. 42) Are home health care providers required to cease operations?
44. 43) Can direct service providers for individuals with development disabilities continue to operate?
45. 44) Can court-ordered guardians and conservators leave their homes to perform guardianship and conservatorship duties?
46. 45) Can I take my pet to the veterinarian?
47. 46) Can pet stores remain open?
48. 47) Can general clothing stores remain open?
49. 48) Can a clothing store that specializes in providing clothing to Essential Businesses (e.g., scrubs, uniforms to first responders) remain open?
50. 49) Are bouncy house and trampoline parks required to close?
51. 50) Can I check in on my elderly neighbor to ensure that they are okay?
52. 53) Can liquor stores remain open?
53. 51) Can I go to a public park?
54. 52) Can an environmental testing laboratory for drinking water, pollutants or related matters continue to operate?
55. 54) Can foreign language interpreters and sign language interpreters continue to operate?
56. 55) Can car dealerships remain open?
57. 56) Can automobile repair supplies companies remain open?
58. 57) Can food trucks continue to operate?
59. 58) Are swimming pools and water parks allowed to operate?
60. 59) Can landfill facilities continue to operate?
61. 60) Can utilities providers remain open?
62. 61) Are public transit services allowed to continue to operate?
63. 62) Would a restaurant supplies company be allowed to remain open?
64. 63) Can I drive my elderly relative who does not drive to their medical appointment?
65. 64) Are hearing aid centers essential healthcare?
66. 65) Are retail stores that sell diabetic shoe fittings and insoles an essential business?
67. 68) Is a marketing company considered a professional/essential service?
68. 66) Are stores that sell educational supplies that are utilized by home school parents essential?
69. 67) Can a store get into legal trouble for not closing?
70. 69) Can small church groups under 10 continue to meet?
71. 70) Are tax preparer’s professional essential services?
72. 71) Do recovery groups such as AA count as healthcare?
73. 72) Does this stay-at-home order also provide a possibility for stay-in-your car activities?
74. 73) Are car washes and detailers essential?
75. 74) Would places that exclusively sell personal protection items (e.g., firearms, knives, and ammunition) be able to remain open?
76. 75) Is ride sharing (Uber, Lyft) public transportation?
77. 76) Are alternative medicine shops or clinics healthcare?
78. 77) Do businesses that shop for or deliver groceries, food, beverages, goods or services directly to residences able to continue to fulfill online orders?
79. 78) What about the departments within an educational institution that are not directly involved in facilitating distance learning? Are those employees to remain at home or is it up to the employers to
80. 79) How are grocery stores able to operate since they are regularly more than 10 people there?
81. 80) Are hobby stores (JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby) essential?
82. 81) Are tobacco and vaping stores essential?
83. 82) What measures does the order expect Essential Business to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19?